Opportunity for Dealers

We are overjoyed that you have chosen to partner with us as you look to build an Ad Bazzaar business of your own. With one of the most lucrative compensation plan in the market, Ad Bazzaar looking to change lives and the lifestyle of masses all around India.

It is all about Controlling the Destiny

You can participate in Ad Bazzaar Business and rewards plan in two ways.

  1. Join Free and start selling Ad Bazzaar product and start earning the direct sales bonus.
  2. Join free, advertise in our premium directory and start earning 6 incomes of Ad Bazzaar business and reward plan.

Business plan.

Six Incomes of Ad Bazzaar

  1. Direct Sales Bonus
  2. Stream Income – Team Commissions


  1. Executive Bonus
  2. Achieve Tours to Exotic Places around the world.
  3. Car Plan
  4. Pool Income

Cost of Ad– Premium directory ad Rs.5900/- (Including GST). For one year and the ads to be renewed after one Year). Price as on April 1, 2019.
Step 1  Register yourself for free and generate your username and password.
You can sponsor dealers and advertising customers after joining for free and earn the direct sale commission of INR 750
Step 2 Advertise in the premium directory and make payment online or through or cash directly in the company account of Ad Bazzaar and become our advertising customer. Advertising customer is eligible to earn all the 8 levels of Stream income and the rewards.
Step 3 Upload your PAN Card and adhaar card and fill your banking details and upload cancelled cheque. You can do it later on, but you have to clear this step to take the first pay cheque.
Step 4. Open your account and start sponsoring advertisers. You can sponsor as many advertisers as you can.

Income Plan

1st. Income:
Direct Sales Commission
Level 1:  Rs 750 (15%)

2nd  Income:

Stream Income - Team Commissions
Level 2:  Rs.450 (9%)
Level 3:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 4:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 5:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 6:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 7:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 8:  Rs.150 (3%)

3rd Income

Executive Bonus (Rewards)
Sponsor 5 direct advertising customers and earn INR 2500/-. You can earn this reward in multiple, means if your sponsor 10 you will earn INR 5000.

Dealer is also eligible to get this reward.

4th Income

Achieve Tours to Exotic Places around the world.

On Achieving the Achiever team and above levels, you will get the fully/partially paid international tours.

5th Income

Car Plan

On Achieving the Gold team you will get INR 650000 car incentive (TDS will be deducted).

6th Income

Pool Income

You may earn share from the company’s total turnover of that period by achieving the gold team, platinum team and the Diamond team as per the pool income plan given below.

3% of the total annual sale will be divided among Gold team, Platinum Team and the diamond team in the proportion as given below:

Gold team: 50% of the pool income will be divided equally among the Gold team achiever members.

Platinum Team: 30% of the pool income will be divided equally among the platinum team achiever members.

Diamond Team: 20% of the pool income will be divided equally among the Diamond team achiever members.

Once you entered the pool income, you become eligible to get the share from the  pool income every year.

Stairway to Success

As you progress towards building your Ad Bazzaar business, there are 10 levels that you can achieve in our Business and Rewards Plan. Ad Bazzaar wants to reward you and recognize your success as you build your business. Our Rewards Program will enable you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle that you deserve.We have made the stairway as below


No of Advertising Customers

Level Achieved






Team Leader



Achiever Team



Bronze Team



Silver Team



Gold Team



Platinum Team



Diamond Team

Dealer: Free Joiner is the dealer and can sponsor dealers and advertising customers. Dealer is eligible to get the first sales target bonus. He is also eligible for executive bonus. Dealer cannot earn the stream income and rewards.

Advertising Customer: When dealer posts ad in the premium listing from his personal account, he becomes Advertising Customer. Advertising Customer is eligible to get all the 6 incomes.

Executive: Dealer or advertising customer when sponsors 5 advertising customers, he becomes Executive. Eligible to get executive bonus.

Team Leader: We expect you to start helping your team and help them multiply. When an executive generates 25 advertising customers in Level 2, he becomes team leader.

Achiever team: When Team Leader generates 125 Advertising Customers in his 3rd Level, he becomes Achiever team. Ad Bazzaar will reward you with a tour to Bankok-Pataya for 4 days and 3 nights for all the achievers who achieve in 1st April, 2019 to 30th June, 2019.

Bronze Team:When an Achiever Team member generates 625 Advertising customers in his 4th level, he becomes Bronze team.(Rewards to be announced)

Silver Team:When a Bronze Team member generates 3125 Advertising customers in his 5th level, he becomes Silver team. (Rewards to be announced)

Gold  Team:When a Silver Team member generates 15625 Advertising customers in his 6th level, he  becomes Gold team. As a Gold Team member, you will be rewarded with Car Plan (Rs. 650000 will be given for car) and you have entered in the pool income of Ad Bazzaar.

Platinum  Team:When a Gold Team member generates 78125 Advertising customers in his 7th level, he become Platinum team. As a Platinum Team member, you will be rewarded with a surprise gift and you have entered in the pool income of Ad Bazzaar.

Diamond Team:When a platinum member generates 390625 Advertising customers in his 8th level, he becomes Diamond team. As a Diamond Team member, you will be rewarded with a surprise gift and you have entered in the pool income of Ad Bazzaar.

What is important in Ad Bazzaar Business and reward plan?

  1. Joining the business is free
  2. Free Joiner can start earning as dealer.
  3. No monthly target to get the commissions and rewards
  4. Annual renewal of advertisement – one year from the date of payment.
  5. Business is transferable.
  6. Upon the death of a Distributor, the Agreement and a Distributor’s rights therein shall pass to his/her lawful heir(s) as provided by law.

How to build this business?

Network marketing works on the Law of Multiplication. It is different from traditional way of doing business where we depend on the sale of the retail counter. But in network marketing we depend on the success of our teams. “Help them achieve their goals and see your income growing”. You can’t earn big by selling advertisements so focus on building teams. We have tried to pass a message through our reward plan – to sponsor 5 advertising customers and teach them to sponsor 5 advertising customers each. But, you can sponsor as many dealers and advertising customers as you can. If you have sold less advertisements and have more teams, we think your earning can be more. Moreover you can manage to get the annual renewals also. If you have more advertisers, ask them to refer customers to lower the cost of their advertising.

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