About is an online advertising portal running since Jan 30, 2013. This website provides free online classifieds, free online advertising services, including free online classified ads posting and searching along with some Premium Classified Ads (Paid Service) . This site also provides a Trade directory to compile the Indian suppliers of various products. The services principally focus not only on communities of India but it is a global B2b portal. It has separate international portal for posting International ads and the classifieds. Shopping Pages add to the beauty of this site (B2c). Now we have launched a new Premium Directory for paid listing only.

Who Are We?

Ad is a proprietary concern operating from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. We are an experienced team being in business of manufacturing and trading since last 30 years and the direct selling business for the last 17 years. We know how to reach to masses to find the new shoppers. The promoters of this website are Anil Sachar and Vandana Sachar.

About online classified advertising

Online classified advertising is becoming a preferred method of classified advertising. Internet classified offers many advantages over news paper classified ads. Searching, browsing free options, options to post free classified ads and more space. Classified Advertising is a form of advertising which is very common in News paper. Advertisements in news paper are typically short, as they are charged with number of words and number of lines and the column width is fixed. More over time period is very short, may be one day or 3-4 days package.

Now is the time of classified Ads on net and is becoming more popular. Internet classified ads do not typically use per-line pricing models, so tend to be longer. They are also searchable, unlike printed material, tend to be local, and may foster a greater sense of urgency as a result of their daily structure and wider scope for audiences.

What Services Do We Provide? provides services related to free classifieds, free advertising, and free information along with paid premium Ad services and shopping online as well. We built this website with an aim to find solution for online and in-store advertisers to find new shoppers and also offer you absolutely free online classifieds and free internet advertising services. You do not need to sign up as a member for using our services. As our user, you may be individual, owner of small business, representative of non-profit organization, or representative of enterprise.

We are looking to provide business-to-business (B2B) and Business to consumer (B2C) services. Business-to-business service means when a business buys from another business and for that we have Trade Directory and classified ads feature. Business-to-consumer means customers buying from a business, for that we have shopping online and also the classified ads.

Ad has four main features:

• Classified ads

• Trade Directory

• Shopping online

• International Ads in an Indian Directory

Classified ads: this is a platform where is looking to connect buyers and sellers of various products. The vision is very clear; we are looking for the consumers using this website as a platform to sell properties, car, vehicles, mobiles etc. Our classification ranges from “for sales”, classes, vehicles, real estate, services, jobs, direct selling, matrimonial, used products, eating points, beauty parlors, health clubs, jewelers, hotel jobs, marriage palaces and resorts, doctors, nursing homes, bakery, laboratories, industrial machinery, insurance agents, job search, astrologers and palmists and many sub categories.

Trade Directory: This is our B2B service where we are looking to compile various trades, suppliers of various products, manufacturers, traders and service providers like industrial services, business services, financial services etc in a directory. Our vision is to give an international exposure to our trade directory members.

Shopping online: This is our B2C service. Today the biggest problem is where to sell a product especially for a small scale enterprise. The real estate prices are so high that everyone can not even think of buying a shop in a shopping mall. The high lease rents are the main cause of the higher cost of consumer goods in conventional retailing. The shopping malls are becoming window shopping place for middle class especially in India.

Online shopping of Ad Bazzaar is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to buy products directly from the sellers at lesser prices because of the lesser expenses and are loaded with more information by the designers of online shops as compared to the conventional retail shopping. Online shoppers can buy products in their own comfort, moreover our online stores are open 24 hours a day. Our consumers will get double warranty/guarantee, one from the vender and other is from Ad Bazzaar.

International Ads in an Indian Directory: is an Indian Directory, Indian Classified ads site that gives and opportunity to the International suppliers/ Buyers to post their ads in an online Indian advertising portal. India is a big market and provides a platform to exhibit their products and the requirements also. We have provided two options to International suppliers – one is post in International classified ads and the other is Trade Directory. In trade directory we are adding the advertisers with their company names and the classified ads is for displaying their products or services. We haven’t given the free posting option in our International directory because no business solution can be provided without funds. 

What Can You Do?

As an ad poster, you may submit classified ads as many as you need (but no duplicate ads please) for telling others about your products, services, or just used items for sale. You may manage your ads by updating, changing the contents, extending the duration, or deleting any one of yours at any time. What you need is to keep your records of ad ID and ad Password of each posted ad. 

As ad consumer, you may search classified ads at our websites by category, city wise. You can view the list of ad summary on search result page, and individual ad details by clicking the ad title. If necessary, you may contact the ad owner using information given in the ad details page.

Why is launched with multiple features to provide B2B and B2C services.

• It is a solution for online and in-store advertisers

• It is a solution for brand promotions.

• It is a solution for small enterprise.

• It is a solution for big enterprise.

• It is a solution for home based businesses

• It is a solution for retailers

• It is a solution for shoppers.

• It is an advertising solution.

• It is a business-to-business buying solution

• It is a solution for exporters

• It is a solution for Importers

Benefits of Posting ads in’s Premium Directory

  1. Low cost advertising: Premium directory Ad package costs Rs.5900 (inclusive of GST) - IT WILL COSTS YOU RS.16 PER DAY.
  2.  Exposure: 24/7 exposure. Exposure is important for all business marketing strategy.
  3. Branding: The people who are exposed to your business, the more people are likely to utilise your products/ services so called branding.
  4. Customer Interaction: In ads customer will directly interact with you, he will not pass through any directories helpline
  5. Professional appearance: Your ad will have a beautiful look , like your own website. It will be a three page webpage - Home, about us and contact us.
  6.  Increased traffic: it will increase traffic to your website.
  7. Increase your sales: more traffic more sales.
  8. SEO Benefits: A common SEO program of our website will help you searchable in Google., though there is competition in keywords.
  9. Passive income: Advertising in is more than advertising. is another chance to change your life. We've created a new opportunity for our advertising clients! Work as reseller of our product, sponsor others and earn bonuses. You will earn bonuses up to 8 levels down like a multi level marketing strategy. is more than advertising is another chance to change your life. We have created a new opportunity for our advertising clients in India! Now you can earn with as a reseller of our advertisements. This program - "to make our advertisers – resellers", is an excellent program to generate a source of “second income”. This is completely a software generated income program and used the multi level marketing strategy to build a big income for your future. Now your ad in will not only promote your business but will generate a passive income.