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We have launched our new premium directory in We have made it more than advertising online. It is launched with a mission to help the masses, generate a source of second income. We invite our advertising customers of premium directory to work as our re-sellers and also invite persons who have dreams to become an entrepreneur but don't have money to invest. To accomplish our mission we are using multi level marketing/Network marketing strategy.



Network marketing (MLM) is the business of 21st century. It is the way to reach to big sales with a small effort. Still many people are scared away from network marketing (MLM) because of the myths and misunderstanding about this type of business. People who have not even started it but, just joined the concept, talk about its failure rate.

"Success comes from doing the work to build it."

People don't view mlm business as business as they haven't invested a huge amount in it. Risk of losing money they invested in traditional way of business drives them but there is a risk of failure also. One of the most important things, you can do to insure your success in mlm is to treat MLM venture as the "business it is.

" Arm yourself with knowledge - stay away from pyramid schemes".

The truth is - statistics show that less than one out of 100 MLM representatives achieve MLM success. However, that's not necessarily the mlm business fault. Most atheletes never make it to Olympic, thats not the fault of the game.

Don't get caught up in the hype of potential big income from mlm, pay attention to what the company is asking you to sell. Don't forget to look into company's compensation plan before you join and make sure it is favourable for a person looking to building a residual income.

Make sure that products are not over priced.

You can not earn in mlm business with a selfish motive, because it is a business of selling "Earning opportunity", so, work with a thought in your mind, how your distributor will generate income and how can you help him?. Learn to build a team.

In mlm you need to understand that your income doesn't come from dead sales, it comes from growing teams adopting this home based income opportunity as career opportunity.

Sponsor , Don't recruit.

You are not rewarded in mlm business by using others, the reality is, you are being rewarded for helping others succeed. Develop yourself into a leader and a trainer.

Plan your growth

Determine how many people you need, to show your products or business to reach to your goal in a stipulated time.

In the digital age , people dont like door- to - door business. You must adopt a business model that satisfies the taste of masses.

We at Ad Bazzaar have taken care of all the above facts.

Everyone with in 3-feat of you is your prospect. Understand to reach to your market in variety of ways. You can use a variety of marketing tools including a website, social media, e-mail marketing etc.

Let us understand more....

8 hours working a day, origin lie in the industrial revolution, but now, its the information age. In the 18th century 10-16 hours working time a day was normal because factories 'needed' to be run 24/7. Now, its time to understand time-leverage. You know that you can increase your time by building a team of friends getting engaged in your business through mlm business technique.

Why Choose

1. Free Joiner can also Earn

2. Product not overpriced.

3. No monthly personal sales target to get the group commission.

4. You can not stock the product, so no investment required.

5. Our product is listing in our premium directory and we invite our advertisers to work as re-sellers, it canot be sold on E- Commerce sites - Ecommerce selling is the biggest problem for all products.

6. You can earn 6 incomes of adbazzaar marketing plan.

7. Weekly payment.

8. It is not a pyramid plan.