Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s)

Que. Where ads to be displayed?

Ans. Ads will be displayed in www.adbazzaar.com

Que. How old is your directory adbazzaar.com?

Ans. adbazzaar.com was launched on 30thJan,2013.

Que. Why people will open adbazzaar.com to see the ads?

Ans. Adbazzaar.com is an online business directory. It is searchable with the keywords of thousands of advertisers and is searchable with keywords “online advertising directory”, “trade directory in India”, "Free ads Directory"  and many more. It has more than 1.5 lac users posted ads in this directory and the plan we have launched to make our users as sellers to generate a source of second income – passive income will help us produce more users.

Que. Why pay for an ad when there are many free options?

Ans.  We also allow free ads but the premium ads remain on front in the lists and same is done by other directories. But for this plan we have made a special premium directory. Most sites allow free ads for a month and then deactivate the ad. We allow back link to your website. Our premium ad directory will have three pages (Home, About us and Contact us). The pages will get automatically generated through a form that you will fill while posting ad.

Que.  Can our ad be searchable in Google with key word of our choice?

Ans.  There is competition in Google for the keywords but still I want to tell you that the heading you will add to site will become the meta title of that page to make each ad a separate page like your own website. It is easier to become searchable through directories than own domain website because directories are bigger one and have millions of users.

Que.  Can I sell the ad to some other customer, if I am interested in the Multi level marketing part only?

Ans.  Yes you can and you can edit your ad anytime.

Que.  Do I have to sell ads every month to get my pay check?

Ans.  No, Once you placed your premium ad, you become eligible to get the commissions of your downline advertiser team sponsored by you up to 8 levels. You are to renew your ad yearly.

Que.  Can I transfer my ID to any one?

Ans.  Yes, you can transfer your account / ID by paying a fee of Rs 2000

Que.  What is the price of Premium Ad in your site?

Ans.  The price of premium ad as on today (1.4.2019) is Rs 5000 + GST( 18% ) 900 = Rs.5900

Que.  Why do you think that your plan/product to generate passive income is better and market will accept it?


1.My product is better than food supplements for MLM marketers to understand and explain the customers.
2.Pricing of product is genuine.
3.Most companies are selling over priced products.
4.We don’t have monthly target of sales. You will get the commission of every sale that is done in your downline up to 8 levels.
5.Your pay-check will not wait for any matching of left-right and the points flushed if the personal target is not done. There is only annual renewal.
6.We will not hold any commission for any target or reason. Payments will be cleared weekly.
7.I personally have the experience of 17 years in network marketing as a networker. I think like a networker and is of the opinion that every sale I do or my downlines do according to the levels of commissions allowed, I must get the commission.

     8. Today is the time of information age. The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age) is a historic period in the 21st century characterized by the rapid shift from traditional industry that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on information technology.

That's why most people feel slump in their business. Selling techniques have changed, business techniques changed.

We offer 21st century business opportunity that you can start with no or minimal investment. It is a combination of Information age and network marketing.

Que. What is the difference between Dealer and Advertising Customer?

Ans. Dealer is the free Joiner and is eligible to get the Direct selling bonus of INR 750 and the executive bonus of INR 2500 (On joining 5 direct Advertising Customers) and Advertising customer is eligible to get all the 8 levels and all the bonus plans of adbazzaar business and reward plan.

Que. Can I post free ad in premium directory?

Ans. No

Que. Don't you feel it is very difficult to sell advertisements?

It is very difficult to sell any product, not advertisement only. You need to understand the difference between words 'selling' and 'marketing'.In traditional business people open big stores in the front markets and invest lacs on their decoration and invest lacs in stock and the advertisement. All this goes in crores.

We have provided you a different marketing strategy to sell products. If you would use our strategy to sell products, you will generate a big business and even bigger than a store. This opportunity is for those persons who want to start their business from home without investment. But if you see anybody already doing the advertising business, you will see he is maintaining a big office, have many marketing boys, means spending lot of money on marketing and doing a big sales. We have to reach to the same target of sales through our marketing strategy without any office, any investment. In our system even a house wife can generate a big business. We invite our advertising customers to work as our resellers. Not even advertising customer but a free joiner can also enter in our business.

Basically we are not selling the product, we are selling opportunity to earn. Second point is we are making our users (advertising customers) as sellers. If you sponsor 5 advertising customers and teach them to sponsor 5 advertising customers each, I will just show you in the chart, what could be the possibility in our plan. (Here I assume that you know the marketing plan of adbazzaar.com and you know that you will get commission upto 8 levels.