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An online directory is: A business/website submission service where your website/business is added to the proper category in a searchable online directory which enhances your site's/ business visibility and creates relevant inbound links to your website also.


  1. Major search engines such as Google use directories to find search results. When a web user searches for something, the search engine crawlers scan the thousands of pages in online directories to provide the results. Because the site has already been indexed and categorized in the directory, it is deemed more relevant and thus achieves a higher ranking.
  2. Directory submission creates relevant inbound links. When a site is listed in an online directory, it creates quality inbound links to your site and that also enhances your site's visibility and ranking.
  3. Today people dont have paper directories on their table. They just go and search the Google or the particualr directory if they know about it.
  4. Paper directories are no longer of any use now, the most important fact is- you can't change the matter. The online directories are editable and you give the latest information to your clients.
  5. More Space: You can add images of your products and a lot of information can be given about your business.
  6. You will get the traffic of that directory users as well as the searching users from search engine.

Directory submission is a very cost-effective way to get links and helps to establish a foundation for Internet marketing. Especially beneficial in helping new websites get noticed, it helps your site build interaction in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

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